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Our Irrational Fear of the Sun

Humans adapted to life under the sun over millions of years, but modern western medical advise is to avoid the sun’s UV radiation by wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen. These “healthy” guidelines became popular in the 1940’s.

  • Some studies have cited data that the incidence of skin cancer is higher among populations that live further from the equator and that people who work outside actually have lower rates of melanoma. We get less sun exposure then at any time in history, yet skin cancer rates are increasing.
  • Sunscreen ointments are not proven to reduce skin cancer; they are only proven to reduce sunburn. Some studies suggest that sunscreen may actually be a cause of skin cancer by creating vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D deficiencies are at epidemic levels. Low levels of vitamin D is also common in many chronic modern diseases, including Alzheimer’s.
  • Sunglasses do more than block the UV spectrum; they also filter portions of the visible spectrum, depending on the color of the lens. We create artificial light by wearing sunglasses. Also note that UV protection ratings of sunglasses is not enforced or tested; we are trusting that the manufacturer label is true. Dark colored sunglasses cause the pupil to remain unnaturally open. If these dark lenses do not block UV radiation as claimed by the manufacturer one would be allowing more UV light into their eyes!
  • I stopped wearing sunglasses and the sun no longer appears too bright. There are rare times when sunglasses with UV radiation protection may make sense, such as on a bright beach or in bright snow or for pilots flying in airplanes at abnormally high altitudes, but they are not required for most situations.

Happy 4th of July…fear not God’s only Sun!


Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux –  Let There Be Light

Does artificial light contribute to chronic health issues? In the last 100 years most of the light that incidents on our eyes and body is artificial:

  1. We are Living In Modern Caves
    1. Most people work in an office or factory under florescent lights and drive home under the roof of car and then dash into the house. Many people seldom experience natural daylight.
  2. Evening /Night
    1. We now spend most nights staring at the displays of televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones, even in the bedroom.
    2. Backlit tablets that are loaded with the blue spectrum are replacing books.
    3. These artificial light sources disrupts circadian rhythms and suppresses the hormone melatonin which is important to induce sleep.
  3. Sleep
    1. Night lights cast blue spectrum in many houses and bedrooms
    2. Blue spectrum is emitted from many LED alarm clocks
    3. The blue spectrum from street lights illuminate bedrooms through windows

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Finding the time…

How do you get going?  How do you keep going?  How do you find the time and gain the motivation?

What really helps me is listening to podcasts during my commute time and evening walks.  I find them very informative and I gain a sense of being supported.  It keeps me connected to the community.

  1. I bought these headphones for the Smartphone.  I love these headphones because I can still hear the world around me, especially while walking outside
  2. I download a boat load of podcasts to the Smartphone so they don’t freeze-up due to cell tower drops, etc.
  3. This Droid app allows you to pre-load Podcasts: DoubleTwist

Some of the Podcast I have listened to (many I have listened to more than once):

Government and Diet Recommendations