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It’s About Time!

In 1961 and 1984 Time magazine published cover stories citing that dietary saturated fat and cholesterol was the cause of heart disease:

Diet & Health – Ancel Keyes…January 13, 1961
Ancel Keyes fabricated data and publish his famous Seven Countries Study.  This bad science earned him a place on the cover of  Time magazine.

Cholesterol. And Now the Bad NewsMarch 26,1984
By the end of the 1980’s there were widespread academic statements that the Lipid Hypothesis was proven beyond reasonable doubt.


Here is the June 12, 2014 cover story that finally points to the truth!

Ending The War on Fat
“Don’t Blame Fat. For decades, it has been the most vilified nutrient in the American diet. But new science reveals fat isn’t what’s hurting our health.”

Video: The Truth About Fat.  Though not really the truth, this video points people in the right direction.



Annals of Internal Medicine – 18 March 2014
Association of Dietary, Circulating, and Supplement Fatty Acids With Coronary Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Conclusion: Current evidence does not clearly support cardiovascular guidelines that encourage high consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low consumption of total saturated fats.

Homo Carnivorus

A video that makes a convincing case that the human brain needs nutrients primarily found in meat; some only in meat (e.g., vitamin B12).  It is worth the 50-minutes…

The author’s website:

One of his books that I have read:

Uh-Oh Cipro!

I almost fell out of my chair upon hearing about the popular antibiotic Cipro at about 36 minutes into this podcast:

Two years ago I was prescribed Cipro on two occasions about three months apart.  I took 14-day treatments for diverticulitis.  It was shortly thereafter that I began to experience Parkinson’s symptoms on the right-side of my body.  Could Cipro have been the trigger or even the sole cause of my neurological issues?  I will never be able to prove this, but I now have reason to believe that this was a likely cause.  Check out the following links.  It is unbelievable that this poison is still available and that so many doctors prescribe it.

The FDA has since black boxed Cipro for knowing to cause among other things, permanent nerve damage!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has required the drug labels and Medication Guides for all fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs be updated to better describe the serious side effect of peripheral neuropathy. This serious nerve damage potentially caused by fluoroquinolones may occur soon after these drugs are taken and may be permanent.

Here is a NY Times Article:

Here is the most complete website on the topic called Floxie Hope: